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  • Similar word as allow: let, allow, authorise, authorize, consent, empower, give, grant, yield, serve, deliver, leave, quit, release, drop, let, separate, allocate, partition, sunder, set apart, allow, take into account, consider, count, regard, take account of, accept, admit, adopt, favour, approve, let go, allow, release, slack, slack up, slacken, consider, regard, keep in view, take cognizance of, take into account, think, think of, consider, imagine, contemplate, consider, have the intention of, be of the opinion, give a discount, allow, discount, knock off, shade, confess, admit, avouch, acknowledge, allow, avow.








  • Opposite of allow Verb: deny, disagree, disavow, disown, dispute, dissent, reject, repudiate, disallow, disapprove, forbid, hold, keep, prohibit, protest, refuse, resist, withstand, oppose, unauthorize, veto, prevent, repel, withhold, take.



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