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  • What is the opposite of albino ?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Albino, albino meaning is; Albino or albinism is a metabolic syndrome that is a genetic disorder. Those who carry this disease are called albinism or albino.
  • Albino, a genetic disorder that affects thousands of people or animals, is caused by the absence or lack of melanin pigment that provides pigmentation. Eyes may affect skin, hair and other parts of the body. It is also common in aquarium fish.
  • In albinos (both human and animal) the skin is very thin and whitish (or slightly pink), and the hairs (or fur) are white. The eyes are pink in the eyes, the light reflected from the web layer is red. Eyes are sensitive to light and are usually astigmatic. Nystagmus is present in the eyes due to light sensitivity. Albino is rare, but can be accompanied by mental retardation or bodily retardation. Because there are no or few color pigments in the leaves, harmful rays from the sun enter the body and even under the sun can lead to death.


  • Opposite of albino Adjective like brunet, brunette






  • Opposite of albino Noun like brunet, brunette


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