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  • What is the opposite of advance?
  • Firstly before explain the opposite of Advance, advance meaning is; Advence means like about this terms; make progress, improve, proceed, keep going, cultivate, evolve, build up, retainer, allowance, retaining fee, foray, enterprise etc.
  • Advence verb (used with object) means like to move or bring forward, to improve or raise. Used without object means like to move or go forward, to grow or rise in importance, status etc.


  • Opposite of advance Adjective like last, later, after, behind






  • Opposite of advance Verb like retreat, regress, hinder, cease, halt, hold, keep, retard, stop, back down, decrease, hesitate, recede, retrogress, take back, turn, withdraw, yield, block, discourage, dissuade, hurt, prevent, conceal, hide, refrain, take, withhold, borrow, decline, diminish, lessen, reduce, repress, fail, lose, lower, spurn


  • Opposite of advance Noun like decline, retreat, retrogression, block, hindrance, failure, halt, hesitation, impediment, recession, stagnation, stop, withdrawal, decrease, diminishment, loss, stoppage


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