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  • Similar word as accord: agreement, deal, contract, arrangement, settlement, harmony, conformity, accordance, consistency, coherence, compromise, reconciliation, agreement, settlement, rapprochement, harmony, chime, coherence, tune, cadence, merger, unification, union, reunion, association, give, grant, yield, serve, deliver, comply, fit, follow, comply with, match, agree, reach an agreement, square with, accord, comport, consort, accommodate oneself, accommodate, blend, orient oneself, settle.


  • Opposite of accord Noun: disagreement, difference, discord, disunity, refusal, antagonism, denial, dissension, opposition.







  • Opposite of accord Verb: take, deny, disagree, dispute, dissent, protest, refuse, reject, withhold, argue, challenge, contest, disallow, disapprove, oppose, question, differ, clash.




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