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  • Similar word as accept: admit, adopt, favour, approve, favor, seize, settle for, concede, confess, give in, confirm, approve, ratify, endorse, affirm, get, take, receive, buy, pick up, assume, bear, stand, be stuck with, support, bear, endure, stand, take, take it, accept, understand, figure out, sense, grasp, fathom, digest, stomach, get over, tolerate.


  • Opposite of accept Verb: fail, lose, misunderstand, reject, forfeit, blackball, decline, demur, deny, disagree, disallow, discard, dispute, refuse, renounce, repudiate, turn down, turn away, disapprove, disbelieve, dislike, hate, contradict, stop, defend, dissent, fight, oppose, condemn, protest.







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