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  • Similar word as abuse: misuse, misappropriation, malfeasance, molestation, abuse, misuse, deceit, delinquency, embezzlement, exploitation, swearing, profanity, curse, blasphemy, abuse, expletive, betray, defile, make a draft on, encroach, misemploy, harass, abuse, molest, worry, annoy, discommode, rape, intrude, attack, abuse, aggress, assault, swear, curse, vituperate, revile, blaspheme against.


  • Opposite of abuse Noun: good deed, kindness, obedience, goodness, acclamation, adulation, aid, approval, commendation, help, plaudit, praise, preservation, respect, advantage, benefit, blessing, favour (UK – US), good, pleasure, compliment, exaltation, flattery.






  • Opposite of abuse Verb: assist, improve, please, protect, treat well, clean, grow, honour (UK – US), purify, sanctify, acclaim, adulate, approve, care for, cherish, commend, compliment, defend, esteem, look after, preserve, prize, revere, treasure, hoard, save, benefit, help, praise, respect, exalt, flatter, laud.



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