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  • Similar word as abstract: intangible, discrete, notional, transcendental, theoretical, hypothetical, theoretic, abstract, speculative, notional, academic, pure, technical, abstract, summary, abstract, brief, digest, synopsis, outline, isolate, emancipate, summarize, abstract, sum up, abridge, wrap up, boil down, separate, allocate, partition, sunder, set apart, abstract, distil, distill, fractionate, abstract, crib, hoist, steal, make off with, walk off with, abstract, steal, play, ring, knock, blow.  


  • Opposite of abstract Adjective: abstruse, academic, conceptual, conjectural, hypothetical, immaterial, intangible, mental, nonfigurative, nonrepresentational, philosophical, speculative, theoretical, unreal, complex, deep, ideal, intellectual, formal, indefinite, nonconcrete, recondite, transcendent, transcendental.


  • Opposite of abstract Noun: extract, abridgment, brief, compendium, condensation, conspectus, digest, outline, summary, synopsis, epitome, precis, resume, short version.






  • Opposite of abstract Verb:  detach, disconnect, disengage, dissociate, extract, isolate, part, remove, separate, steal, uncouple, withdraw, epitomise (UK – US), filch, purloin, take away, take out, conceptualise (UK – US), hypothesise (UK – US), intellectualise (UK – US), select, synopsize, theorise (UK – US), abbreviate, abridge, condense, digest, outline, review, shorten, summarise (UK – US).



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