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  • Similar word as absolute: exact, precise, certain, definite, final, absolute, pure, naked, very, unvarnished, full, complete, exact, whole, just, pure, pristine, naive, distilled, absolute, gullible, unlimited, limitless, unrestricted, infinite, boundless, unquestioning, without reserve, utter, unconditional, certain, extreme, infallible, pure, sheer, unblended, absolute, unalloyed, unmixed.


  • Opposite of absolute Adjective: bounded, conditional, incomplete, indefinite, limited, needy, provisional, qualified, uncertain, unfinished, abridged, part, partial, accountable, circumscribed, complaisant, compliant, dependent, flawed, imperfect, relative, restricted, submissive, tractable, yielding, democratic, ambiguous, equivocal, false, imprecise, incorrect, inexact, questionable, unconfirmed, unsure, vague.







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