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  • Similar word as about:  about, regarding, concerning, as regards, out of, touching, anent, regarding, concerning, as regards, touching, round, concerning, re, relating to, as regards, on, over, above, atop, atop of, about, circa, just about, well-nigh, pretty much, nearly, practically, about, much, approximately, roughly, more or less, pretty much, circa, about. 


  • eg.
  • used to indicate movement in an area.
  • “men were floundering about”
  • Similar: around, here and there, to and fro, back and forth, from place to place.


  • used to express location in a particular place.
  • “there was a lot of flu about”
  • Similar: near, nearby, around, hereabouts, not far (off/away), close by.


  • on the subject of; concerning.
  • “I was thinking about you”
  • Similar: regardingconcerningwith reference toreferring towith regard to






  • used to express location in a particular place.
  • “rugs strewn about the hall”
  • Similar: aroundin circulationin existencecurrentgoing onprevailing



  • Opposite of about Preposition: afar, away, distant, far, remote.



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