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  • Similar word as Abjur: return, return to, go back, revert, turn, abjure, repent, vow not to do it again, swear to give up, swear off, forswear, abjur.







  • Opposite of Abjur Verb: accept, allow, emphasise (UK), emphasize (US), continue, indulge, use, approve, OK, ratify, sanction, support, acknowledge, admit, agree, aid, assist, believe, claim, concur, credit, embrace, help, keep, permit, trust, validate, welcome, accede, affirm, concede, confess, corroborate, go along, grant, begin, come, engage, enter, join, persevere, stay, arrive, combine, come in, face, meet, unite, advance, remain, choose, hold, retain, save, uphold, take in, revert, maintain, condone, enforce, consent, go forward, stand by, forge, include, reaffirm, repeat, enact, establish, fix, institute, legalise (Uk, Us), pass, build, construct, create, authorise (Uk, Us), do, vote, encourage, want, assert, defend, take up, deny, fight, refuse, veto, win, obey, observe, retreat, surrender, assent, endorse, pursure, assume, challange, defy, treasure, usurp, confirm, recapitulate, build up, commend, compliment, laud, praise, own, answer, reply, leave alone, give, not want, take on, like, love, vouch for, vow, go back to, avow, let go, restore, ascend, go up, improve, increase, rise, say yes, forget, schedule, set up, promulgate, stick to.


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