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  • What is Network? Network Marketing and Network Solutions
  • Network is a connection between two or more computers so that they can transfer data. There are many different forms of this connection;


  • LAN (Local Area Network): Computers are close to each other as a physical location. (In the same building.)
  • WAN (Wide Area Network): Computers are physically separate from each other. Communication is carried out by means of telephone or radio signals.
  • CAN (Campus Area Network): The physical location of computers is limited. (System used in universities or military bases.)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): A network designed for a city or town.
  • HAN (Home Area Netwok): The shape of a connection between a home appliance and a home appliance.






  • Network Marketing
  • Network Marketing is the marketing of any company’s product or service with the help of a network. From the perspective of online activities, Network Marketing is now one of the accepted working models in the renewed world order. This business model offers personality options that will market your product or service, and earns commission on the beginning of sales that you have made.


  • Network Solutions
  • Network Solutions is a consulting company founded in 1979 with domain name registration and technology consulting services. The company, which has a high level of income, was purchased by VeriSign for $ 21 billion on March 7, Network Solutions, one of the largest domain name registries after GoDaddy, is home to 6.6 million domain names. In addition to Shan domain registration services, it also has services such as web hosting, web page design and online marketing.
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