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  • What is myopia? And What Are Myopia Symptoms?
  • The distance is blurred, it is called myopia eye, which is close to seeing clearly. Myopia is not just a disease or discomfort, but a faint flaw that can be removed with glasses or lenses. Concussion, that is to say, with the glasses that distribute the light, this vision is eliminated.


  • By the simplest definition of myopia, one cannot see far away. If we need to describe the myopia a bit more precisely, the rays coming in parallel to the eye focus in front of the retina in the eye. Those who can not see the distance clearly look away from their eyes. Most of the legions do not even know that you can actually see clearly. The reason for this is that they think they can lose their clarity as they move away, and they find it logical.



  • It occurs when the anterior-posterior diameter of the eye is above normal. It is possible to find a cut in myopia that says myopathy is genetic, but the most important reason is that some professionals have to take a close look at some objects of work.






  • Look closely at doctors, jewelers, scientists, people who read and write a lot, and those who are dealing with computer business. A lot of you will see you use myopia and glasses. In addition to taking a close look at some things, reading and writing in low light can also be considered as important reasons for the increase of myopia.
  • What is myopia and what are the signs?


  • Myopia Symptoms
  • Myopathy often occurs during pre-school childhood, but children often do not realize that they can not see far away. When school life begins, myopia can not see the most complaints about children. Children who realize that they can not see the table can tell their parents and consult an eye doctor.


  • Myopia Treatment
  • Loss of vision can be prevented by using the patient’s lens or glasses during myopia treatment. They will continue to be unable to see farther when they remove their myopic lenses or glasses. Laser therapy is also performed. It is possible to get rid of myopia laser treatment. Patients who want to undergo laser treatment for myopia should be older than 18 years, have not changed their eye number for the past year, have no disease such as rheumatism or diabetes, have an eye number smaller than 10 and there is no other obstacle preventing laser treatment in the eye. Patients eligible for these conditions can receive laser treatment by specialist doctors in both private and public hospitals. Concave eye glasses are used in the treatment with glasses.
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