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MS-DOS (Microsoft disk operating system)

  • What does Ms-dos (Microsoft disk operating system) mean?
  • Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) is the first operating system developed by Microsoft for IBM computers. The MS-DOS operating system is the first and most important step in the way Microsoft is a well-known company.


  • MS-DOS Operating System
  • MS-DOS is Microsoft’s first operating system that does not have a graphical user interface (GUI) and is controlled by commands. The MS-DOS operating system is not entirely Microsoft’s product. The system was first created by Tim Peterson in 1981 and has been configured with Microsoft for use on IBM computers.


  • The operating system which continued its life between 1981 and 1994 finally exited and ended with MS-DOS 6.22 version number. MS-DOS is a primitive system that can not be compared to today’s operating systems, even if it is a real performance monster in terms of day.






  • Users can open, create and edit any file in MS-DOS with the help of commands. For this reason, the person who uses the computer must have mastered the MS-DOS commands and should actively use these commands for the duration of the computer use.


  • The MS-DOS operating system is no longer used on any computer today and is not supported as a product not sold by Microsoft. Nevertheless, the commands of the MS-DOS operating system, the architecture of the next generation Windows operating system, are still available to legacy users even in current operating systems.


  • MS-DOS Commands
  • The MS-DOS operating system did not have a graphical user interface as opposed to Windows and many popular Linux distributions we use today. So, you have to know UNIX commands to use this computer and you have to use these commands correctly.
  • For example, after you turn on your Windows computer, you double-click on a folder and open it. In MS-DOS, after you turn on your computer, you can open the files and folders by entering the cd command and reaching the desired directory and folder.
MS-DOS (Microsoft disk operating system)
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