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Mozilla Firefox

  • What is Firefox? Download Firefox  and Reset Firefox
  • Mozilla Firefox, or Firefox in short, is a free web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox, a top-of-the-line browser among today’s web browsers, was developed on March 31, 1998 to offer an alternative browser to Netscape users.


  • Firefox, a non-profit, user-focused and user-friendly interface that connects dozens of users every day, is a web browser that has also become a mobile browser.


  • Mozilla Firefox, which allows users to save their bookmarks, passwords and settings they want to keep in any case with the synchronization option linked to the account offered to their users, Thunderbird, an email software, and WebMaker for interested users, as well as web browsers for smartphones, .
  • Mozilla Firefox Support Page: https://support.mozilla.org/en/






  • Download Firefox
  • Mozilla Firefox, one of the first programs installed on newly installed computers, is a frequently updated web browser and constantly defeats itself in terms of security. It is possible to download this web browser with a few clicks from its official site.
  • Mozilla Firefox Download: https://www.mozilla.org/en/firefox/new/


  • Reset Firefox 
  • Slowing and freezing problems over time in computers and software can make users uncomfortable. Mozilla Firefox has also introduced a resetting option that can be used to eliminate problems with a few clicks, considering these issues.


  • To Reset Firefox:
  • Open your Firefox browser and type about: support at the address line.
  • Click Refresh Firefox Browser on the top right of the screen.
  • Firefox will shut down and reset. When finished, the pop-up window will display the imported information. Firefox will open when you click the Finish button.
  • After you reset your Firefox web browser with this process, your browser automatically collects all your personal information and settings in a profile folder. Starting with a new profile folder, your web browser, legacy plugins, and theme will also be reset to allow you to have a faster browser.
Mozilla Firefox
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