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  • What does MozCast mean?
  • MozCast is a web site created by MOZ that provides daily and instantaneous transfer of algorithm changes made on Google. With MozCast, a weather-driven and entertaining tool concept, you can see whether Google has made any algorithm changes or how large this algorithm change is.
  • MozCast is a completely free internet tool and you do not need to login to use MozCast. In addition to the daily reports, MozCast also shares reports from the last 30 days on the bottom of the site with reports from the last five days on the left side of the site.


  • MozCast Usage
  • Did you know that there are only 512 algorithm changes on Google in 2010? This means that a large number of algorithm updates are made each year and these updates can directly affect the SEO work. Using MozCast, you can easily understand the reason for the index change and how you will be affected by the algorithm changes before you perform an important SEO study or if you want to make predictions about the status of your site on Google.


  • The concept of MozCast looks a bit different at first sight but it is very easy to use. The higher the weather level in the daily weather reports, the deeper the algorithm changes on Google. If the ratings are too high, it will point to an update like Panda and Penguin update, and this hint will make you think about the cause of the fluctuation in your indexes.


  • To make MozCast more enjoyable, the makers of the tool liken the algorithm and ranking changes on Google to the weather. In fact, these weather icons are merely bringing you a business concept and a more entertaining concept, but the weather icons can make you think about the upcoming updates.


  • For example, when you see very hot or stormy weather, you may come to the conclusion that serious changes are taking place on Google. Outside these weather signs will not do much, but the ratings will show you the status of Google’s weather every time.






  • In order to use MozCast more effectively, we recommend browsing MozCast’s work rationale and strongly recommend MozCast. So you can be aware of what MozCast wants to say to you in every small change.


  • How does MozCast work?
  • In the background of MozCast, there is no manual layout as opposed to many Webmaster’s. Everything is a system that runs automatically and this system performs the same operations in every 24 hours. So, the weather forecasts on MozCast are automatically determined by the system. Well, how and by what criteria does MozCast perceive these changes?


  • MozCast is reviewing the top 10 Google results for carefully selected 1,000 global keywords. In order to overcome the location problem, these keywords are examined by the system every day at the same location, and the changes taking place on the first 10 results of these 1,000 key bales are collected in the system as a data.


  • Each day we compare the ranking of the previous day with the ranking, and the differences between the rankings are highlighted. Later on, this data is reflected in the webcasters via weather and ratings on MozCast. On normal and very ordinary days it is shown that the average temperature is 70 ° F.


  • Accordingly, when every change on the top 10 in the sequence occurs, these changes are reflected in the weather, and this change gives us information about the algorithm and serious sorting changes.
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