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Warmest place in the world

  • What is most warm place in the world?
  • What is the warmest place in the world?
  • Have you ever wondered what the warmest place on earth is? No, not the Aziziya; The record of 136.04 ° F (57.8 ° C), used by the Libyan city to boast, is no longer in record hold. In September 2012, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) took the title of hot land in the World from the hands of the El Aziziye. The Commission accepted the record as invalid.



  • Having life on Earth makes the Earth the most interesting planet in the Solar System, perhaps even the most interesting planet in the world. But did you know that in some parts of the world life is almost impossible? Such as the freezing temperatures of the Himalayas and Antarctica, or the scorching heat of the Sahara and Mojave deserts. It is almost impossible to encounter life in these regions.


  • What is the hottest place in the world?
  • The city of El Aziziye, located in northwestern Libya, was considered the hottest place in the world for 90 years. This was due to a rapportion that the city had a temperature of 136.04 ° F (57.8 ° C) on 13 September 1922. After an in-depth investigation of this record in 2012, the investigative committee of climate experts from nine countries, including the United States and Libya, was the result of this report being invalid.



  • Following the removal of the title of the hottest place from the hands of the Algerian city, this title has long been in competition with the Death Valley in California. On July 10, 1913, a temperature of 134 ° F (56.6 ° C) was recorded at Greenland Farm Station in Death Valley. By accident, El Azizia was at the top of the list of the world’s hottest places for 90 years, while the Death Valley was in second position. Finally in 2012, Death Valley was officially declared the warmest place in the world.






  • Is Death Valley really the warmest place?
  • There is no consensus on what the criteria should be. Some people argue that the highest temperature value recorded at any given time should be considered the hottest, while others think that the place with the highest average temperature values ​​should be chosen.



  • Let’s assume there are two places. For example, city A has an average temperature of 110 ° F (43.33 ° C), while city B has a temperature of 130 ° F (54.44 ° C) at any time. In this case, the first group believes that city B should be considered the warmest place at any given time since it has reached a temperature of 130 ° F (54.44 ° C), while the other group believes that the hot city A must be considered the hottest.


  • If you look at the highest temperature ever recorded, Death Valley is undoubtedly the warmest place in the world. However, given the average temperature of a place, the warmest place on the planet, Dallol, Ethiopia should be accepted.



  • Maximum Average Temperature Record:
  • In Dallol, the average annual temperature is 93.9 ° F (34.4 ° C), based on data from 1960 to 1966. In the past, a mining site was no longer considered suitable for human settlement and was declared a ‘ghost town’ by the Central Statistical Institute of Ethiopia. Interestingly, Ethiopia is considered the warmest country in the world. Because of the lack of roads and railways, the only way to get to Dallol is on a camel journey. A good transport infrastructure here was in the early 20th century, but it was destroyed during World War II.
Warmest place in the world
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