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Interesting Animals


  • World’s Most Interesting Animals
  • We share our world with distinct entities;
  • Our world is home to many beings; If we are humans, we can often see these beings in documents. People can only see living creatures living in the water and in the air, especially with the help of developing technology because they live on land. Since people are scattered around every part of the world, most of the living creatures that live on land usually do not appeal to people; But since water and air living are difficult to reach, water and air are able to attract more attention to people if it is a living thing.


  • Among the most interesting beings in the world, animals have shared the same planet with humans for centuries; But some animals have just been discovered. Animals that are so different from everywhere are called the world’s most interesting animals. These interesting animals are grouped by researchers as those living in the water, those living on the land and those living in the air.


  • Animals that we are not used to seeing in water


  • Red Lipped Batfish
  • Red Lipped Batfish

    Red Lipped Batfish

  • These strange creatures are known as red-lipped bat fish because of their lipstick-like lips and their appearance similar to a scar. These red-lipped bat fishes can reach up to 40 cm in length and can be found at depths of 30 meters in the sea around the Galapagos islands.


  • These fish prefer to walk in the puddle rather than swim. In the red-lipped battlefish that have completed their adulthood, they have a thorny structure on their backs, and they take their prey to themselves.


  • Pacu (Pacu Fish)
  • Pacu fish

    Pacu fish

  • The Pacu fish, which is fed with the fruits and seeds falling from the trees, attracts the attention of people with its strange image as a carnivorous and herbivorous fish which is also fed with meat. The teeth of these fish are as large as an adult human’s teeth, and the fish can reach up to 50 cm in length, making it different from other fish. These fish eat fruit when they find fruit, and if they do not have fruit, they go to insects. Pacu fish, if fed only in the aquarium environment, can reach the growth rate twice that of the native because they are fed protein.



  • Blue Parrotfish
  • Blue Parrotfish

    Blue Parrotfish

  • The blue parrot, which looks like a comic strip and a very different image, is shining brightly in the depths of the ocean as if it were illuminated by a light. Living in the western Atlantic, the Blue Parrot Fish can reach up to 90 cm long. The parrot fish spend their daytime time napping; But at night they make sleeping bags with a gelatinous substance they secrete from the cloths on the upper edge of their gills. Thanks to the sleeping bag that surrounds the entire body of the fish, the Blue Parrot Fish are protected from the fish from the Oren Fishes who will find themselves through the scent. When the blue parrot fish are covered with body secretion, which is the sleeping bag, they can not even be noticed even when the fish are hit. Thus, thanks to this secretion they get rid of hunting.



  • The Sea Pig
  • The Sea Pig

    The Sea Pig

  • This animal looks like a pig and looks like a sea pig because of its water life. Marine pigs are among the mammals living in the water. While the size of an adult marine pig is 2 meters and 70 cm, the weight of these marine pigs can reach 250 kg to 300 kg. For the first time in the research conducted under the Antarctic Ocean, marine pigs, who face researchers in 2008, are able to take part in many documentaries with different images. As a result of these researches, it is seen that these creatures are found in regions such as East Africa, Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Australia’s northern coast, India’s west coast and Southeast Asia coast. According to different regions, these animals can be given the names of sea cows and sea cows as well as sea pigs.







  • Dropfish
  • Dropfish


  • The most ugly and unpleasant creature in the world is usually the Drip Fish. Although the drop fish is not liked by anyone, it attracts many researchers because it is an interesting animal species. After the researches, it is seen that the drop of the dropfish is running out. This type of fish can not easily be seen because they live about 900 meters below sea level and their size can reach 25 cm length.


  • Interesting Animals Living on the Land


  • Thorny Dragon (Devil)

    Thorny Dragon (Devil)

    (Thorny Devil)
  • Another name, Molok, is a legendary monster, believed to have lived in ancient times by researchers. With this thorny appearance, the Thorny Dragon, thought to be dangerous, is in a vulnerable condition and attracts people with its innocence. By sliding into the mouths of the raw gorges that form on their thorns, the thorny dragons can survive without having to look for water in the garbage. These creatures, which can change their color against possible external influences, feed themselves by eating bellies and eating ants in general to protect themselves from the heat. If the name of the dragon is given to a big animal dream in people, the barbed dragons can reach only 15 cm long.


  • Panda Ant

    Panda Ant

  • Panda Ant‘s name is given to these creatures by the reason that the black and white pods resemble the big pandas living in China. These ants, known for their powerful infestations, can even kill their cats by poisoning, so in some areas these abdomen are given the name of the cow-killer or the cow tern. The bright colors of these ants provide a deterrent to their enemies. The genders of these ants are determined by the fertilization of their eggs and are not fertilized, and unlike the other ants in the abdomen, no queen or group of workers is found. This ant species also contains more than 3,000 species of wildlife.


  • Aye-Aye (Aye-Aye monkey)
  • Aye Aye

    Aye Aye

  • The Aye-Aye Monkey, which is between 30 and 37 cm in size except for its tail and reaches a length of 53 cm with its tail, continues its life in Madagascar and these monkeys are rarely encountered. The creatures that appear at night are black with furs and their tail resembling squirrel tails. These creatures, with their thin fingers, large and bright red eyes, continue their lives in the rain forests of Madagascar. These creatures make their nests at the tops of tree branches and leaves, and when they are in their nesting time, they are satisfied with only one pup. Today, unfortunately these interesting ay-ay monkeys are also facing danger of extinction.




  • Helmeted Kakadu
  • Helmeted Kakadu

    Helmeted Kakadu

  • Helmeted Kakadu, a member of the Psittacidae family, has a different appearance from other creatures because of the ash color and the redness of the head and hill. Called “helmeted Kakadu“, these birds live in Australia. These birds eliminate their nutritional needs and an adult helmeted bucket can reach a length of on



Interesting Animals
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