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Deadliest Island


  • The World’s Deadliest Island
  • You may want to get lost in a deserted tropical island to experience an adventure. But there are some islands that do not want to get lost there even in your nightmare. The Snake Island, also known as “Ilha de Queimada Grande“, which is located near Brazil, is also one of them. Although the name of the island already adheres to us, the details are more scary!


  • Attention!


  • The snakes of the Lancehead family are responsible for about 90% of all snake-related deaths in Brazil. The golden lancehead snake living on the snake has a 3-5 times stronger mite than the mainland snake. Think about how fast this poison can kill a person.


  • The idea of ​​an island is actually a picture of a paradise. We dream of sunbathing in a lost paradise with beautiful tropical trees and enjoying nature. However, there are a number of islands that can be deceiving in appearance. This particular island will invite you with a beautiful view, but do not be deceived in appearance, because you may be approaching death as you approach this island. Also known as the Ilha de Queimada Grande, Snake Island is located a few miles from Brazil’s São Paulo.


    snake island

  • As its name implies, this little island is full of snakes (almost 2000-4000). You might think that this is not so unusual. However, this island is dangerous not only because of the poisonous snakes but also because of the intense poisonous snakes. Scientists say that there are almost 1 to 3 snake per square meter, but the people here think that 5 snake falls per square meter. It’s just very scary. It’s the Golden Snake (Golden Lancehead-Bothrops insularis) which is a very poisonous snake species that lives in this scary island. The island has been isolated since 1920, but there are some exceptions for scientists. Apart from that, the Brazilian Navy visits the island once a year to check the lighthouse.






  • Snake Island Stories:
  • A lot of horrible stories are told about this island, but both are very famous and scare people very much. In one of these stories, it is mentioned that a fisherman went to the island to search for bananas. The fisherman was bitten by snakes but managed to reach the boat. The fisherman died when the poison started to act. The fisherman’s body was found in blood in the floating boat.
  • Another story is about a single family living in the island. This family is the wife of the lighthouse guard and three children. One night some snakes started to infiltrate their homes and attacked the family. Everyone who is in the house is dead when they try to get rid of it. They are said to be the last inhabitants of this island.


  • About Snake Island:
  • Surrounded by rainforests and surrounded by the Atlantic sea, this island looks quite beautiful. It is quite small and only 110 acres in size. It is only a few miles from Brazil. Apart from snakes in the island, there is an automatic sea lantern, which is maintained once a year, except that the island has been completely abandoned. It also tells about the fact that people live in the island between 1909 and 1920.


  • It is believed that the connection of the island to the mainland has been cut off due to the elevation of sea levels – 11,000 years ago. It is said that the gold viper snake in Adana is associated with a species called “B. jararaca”. It is thought that one of these trotted ancestors came to the island and developed here differently from the relatives in the mainland.
  • – Since the island is considered very dangerous, no one is allowed to go to the island without permission. When he is allowed to go, the navy leaves him 100 meters from the shore. You need to take the shovels of your own boat for the rest of the way. Also, as a rule, the person going to the island should be accompanied by a doctor.
  • – The only option for entering the island is to climb a slippery, rocky pond where many sea birds nest. There is no beach in the island. In the slightest danger of climbing this rocky pile you can feed the snakes.


  • About Snakes:
  • snake island

  • The golden viper’s snake has a distinctly light yellowish-brownish color and has a pointed head. These snakes are about 71-104 cm long, but they have a very powerful and fast-acting zire. A bite melts the flesh around it, which is very convenient for the snake because half of its prey is digested before it swallows. Despite emergency medical assistance, there is a 3-7% mortality risk in humans. This serpent’s grave is so powerful that no other living species can survive in the island. This poison kills other snakes, different animal species and people.
  • The snakes living in this island are fed with desperate, migratory birds descending to the island. Moreover, it is known that these snakes are cannibals, so they can also feed on each other. This powerful, fast-acting poison prevents birds from flying and escaping. So they can hunt birds. Now, many scientists are working on this poison, and they are thinking about what they can do with this poison.


Deadliest Island
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