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Dangerous Bird


  • The World’s Most Dangerous Bird
  • Cassowary is known as the most dangerous bird in the world. When thought first birds such as Eagle or vulture come to mind, but they are not the kind of bird that should be avoided as much as Cassowary. Cassowary is found in tropical forests in Australia and New Guinea. It is a very large and very dangerous bird species. It is very easy to understand that they are from camelids when you look at their body characteristics.
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  • Cassowaryler are very resistant animals. This biological factor that they have is a vital link in them. Surveys on bird species have shown that they are the third longest living bird and the second most severe bird species by weight. Their lives are almost 50 years.


  • Female Cassowaryler is larger than its predecessors and its feather is more colorful. Because they are females, they are immediately recognized among their species. When the species was carefully examined, it was seen that its length was 2 meters. Of course, the teeth have become the subject of research in this regard.



  • When the average height of the Cassowary family is taken into consideration, this ratio is between 1.5 and 1.7 meters. Information on the length of the bird’s path is the first to point out how dangerous it can be. The toes have three toes and the middle finger is longer, bigger and thicker than the others. The durable cutter fingernails at the ends of their fingers show a paw. This is the most important reason why this bird is called dangerous because it uses its claws to attack its target during the attack and opens deep cuts in its body.






  • Body weights can reach up to 60 kg. Although the weight ratio is high, they can reach a speed of 50 km / h on their rides. It is a great advantage for them that their legs are very strong. They use them to catch their prey, kill them. When jumping on a hard floor they can leap to a height as high as their own. They use their legs to prevent a number of assaults on them, and occasionally triangular horns with keratin-covered medium stiffness in their heads. The horn starts to rise from the top of the head and from the point of departure of the bug. The size of the horn is around 18 cm.


  • They eat lots of fruit when they are fed. For this reason, they leave their feces to the appropriate places to help with seeding to ensure natural circulation (circulation, continuity). Apart from the fruit, they can be nourished by dead bodies (carcasses) of rodents, insects, birds, frogs and fishes.


  • Cassowary is a bird species that usually lives alone. This only changes during mating and spawning time. At least 3 to 8 eggs are laid when the teeth are laid. The incubation period is up to 42 days and the men take on the responsibility of this task, but the improved ability of men to take measures against the danger makes them cautious about protecting them. The male Cassowaryler, even after the birth of the offspring, will wait for a period of more than a month for their chicks.



  • Cassowary is a dangerous endangered species. The neck is blue and feathery black. At the bottom of the neck, there is also a red colored protuberance. When this species of bird is seen, it should not be too close to it, and even the cautious order should be taken away immediately because Cassowaryls tend to attack at any moment. To explain how dangerous it is: some of the American soldiers who were on the territory of New Guinea during World War II were killed by these birds. I think you better understand why birds have come to the extinction point of today’s extinction because the source of its origin comes from those days.


Dangerous Bird
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