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Dangerous Animals

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  • What is the most dangerous animals?
  • There are thousands of animal species in this world we live in. There are also animals that are harmful to humans and beneficial ones. We know them not many. Because many of us feed animals in our home, and animals that we feed do not leave us like a loyal friend, as if they were aware of this situation. Of course not all animals are. Very dangerous animals also live on this world. Although they usually live in places far from people, there are animals that constitute great danger for people.


  • Examples are crocodiles, sharks, lions and many other animals. These animals are really dangerous, but they are not really dangerous enough. There are also species of animals that poison and even kill when they touch people with tiny centimeters in length. Now I want to briefly tell you about these animal species.


  • Heloderma Suspektum

    Heloderma Suspektum

  • Heloderma Suspektum: This lizard is the most dangerous species of lizard. This lizard lives in America and is known as the GILA monster. The body is yellow and black. There is a deadly effect if it is not treated when you bit a person.


  • Sydney Funnel

    Sydney Funnel

  • Sydney Funnel: The most poisonous spider in the world is 2-3 cm tall. This spider, which is very strong in the body and especially the legs, can bounce over the prey 2 meters away. 1 mg poison is likely to kill 10,000 mice. Especially dangerous in JanuaryFebruaryMarch months, the person who bit this spider dies in 30 minutes.


  • Death Stalker

    Death Stalker

  • Death Stalker: This kind of people living in the Middle East is known as yellow scorpion. 1 mg poison will kill 15,000 mice. If you let a person go, he will lose his or her life in about an hour.


  • Inland Taipan





    Inland Taipan

  • Inland Taipan: This animal, a very dangerous snake species, is one hundred times stronger than Cobra’s snake and 50 times stronger than Black Mamba’s snake. A snake of this snake living in Australia is strong enough to kill hundreds of people. In addition, this snake’s poison can affect the distance of 5 meters.


  • Box Jelly Fish

    Box Jelly Fish

  • Box Jelly Fish: This species of marine mammal living in the sea is usually transparent colored. It is the world’s most poisonous living species. He lives in the Indian pacific and the size of his tits is 3 meters. If it gives a human’s poison, it’s effective in 5 minutes


  • Blue Ringed Octopus

    Blue Ringed Octopus

  • Blue Ringed Octopus: This living species, known as the Blue Rattles Octopus, lives in the sea and is the second most poisonous animal in the world. It is hard to kill a dwarf in just 2 minutes and usually lives in Japan. Poison is ten times stronger than cyanide.


  • Dort Poison Frog

    Dort Poison Frog

  • Dort Poison Frog: This kind of frog looks very beautiful to human beings as the image is the most dangerous creation of the world. He lives in Colombia and is only two centimeters tall. The poison here is strong enough to kill 150 adults at the same time. The body is constantly poisoned and instantly kills the person in contact and instantly kills.



Dangerous Animals
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