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Cold Place in the World

  • What is the most cold place in the world?
  • The world is filled with unique places and spots. You may think you are living in a very cold region with decreasing temperatures in the winter. However, there are some places in the world that are too cold to be imagined and unfit for human settlement.



  • Antarctica has long been regarded as the coldest place in the world, and it is still not record breaking. To be precise, Vostok in Antarctica is the coldest place in the world with the lowest temperature ever recorded. Antarctica is the fifth largest continent on the southernmost tip of the Earth. It is also known as the continent of extremes because it is the coldest and windiest place in the world. Antarctica is 2000 meters above sea level and the highest in the world.



  • Antarctica receives very little rainfall every year and can therefore be categorized as a desert. It is accessible to people (scientists) from all over the world because it is not owned by any other country. It is a very difficult place to reach the most important cause, which is protected to a great extent from the damage caused by people. On the other side, extremely low temperatures, lack of resources, lack of food, lack of shelter make Antarctica a foreign land for people even today. But thanks to the progress of technology, it is now possible for scientists and researchers to explore land and conduct research in Antarctica. About 90% of the world’s ice is in Antarctica, where there are solid ice covered seas, mountains and peaks all year round.


  • Temperature:
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  • As noted above, “Vostok” in Antarctica is the coldest place in the world with the lowest temperature recorded as -89.2 ° C or -128.6 ° F or 183 Kelvin. Sometimes it is even believed that the temperature falls down to -91 ° C or -131.8 ° F or 181 Kelvin. However, there is no official record proving the second temperature values. The average temperature recorded in Vostok in Antarctica is -27.5 ° C or -17.5 ° F, while the highest temperature recorded in the summer is 19 ° C or -2.2 ° F or 254 Kelvin.






  • The Coldest Place; Oymyakon (Russia):
  • Oymyakon” in Russia holds the second coldest place in the world and also the title of the coldest settlement in the world. This town is located in Siberia, one of the coldest regions of the world known. In the past years, human settlements, mostly tribes, have also begun. The minimum temperature recorded in Oymyakon is -71 ° C or -96 ° F. “Snag” and “Eureka” in Canada, “Prospect Creek” in Alaska and “Rogers Pass” in Montana are other extremely cold places on earth.


    The Coldest Place

  • Some Information:
  • Here we give some interesting general information about Vostok and Antarctica.
  • Antarktica had been known since Ptolemaios time, but it was not discovered until 1820.
  • The man first set foot in 1821 to Antarctica.
  • All land forms such as mountains, streams, rocks, valleys, ovals, seas are found in Antarctica.
  • It is the only place in the world where no locals are found.
  • Vostok is located 3500 meters above sea level.
  • Vostok is magnetic and very close to the real South Pole at the same time.



Cold Place in the World
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