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Active Metal


  • Brief information about active metals:
  • – In the periodic table, the activity of metals increases as the electron giving tendency increases as the group moves downward.
  • – All of the 1A group elements are very active and are not found in nature. The surfaces are matte due to the formation of oxide easily affected by air. Rubidium and cesium burn in the air. For this reason, Li, Na and K are in the oil or gas oil, Rubidium and Cesium are stored in the vacuum.
  • 3Li, 4Be, 11Na, 12Mg, 19K, 20Ca, 37Rb, 38Sc, 55Cs, 56Ba, 87Fr, 88Ra are among the active metals.
  • – Active metals react with water at room temperature.
  • – When the active metals react with the acid solutions, salt and hydrogen gas are formed.


  • Periodic Table





    Periodic Table

  • Periodic Table of elements list


  • So, which is the most active metal?
  • If you look at the electrochemical series, the metal with the most positive oxidation potential is lithium,
  • Li —> Li + + e- E = 3.04 V


Active Metal
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