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  • What is Mockup? Mockup Examples, How to Use Mockup
  • Mockup is a sample model file of any product or content. These sample modeling files can be used for different purposes without changing the contents, but without losing the model again and again. Mockups are often used in the Internet to create visual work with higher quality and higher brand image.


  • Mockup drafts can be accessed through a number of graphic sites on the internet and you can create the concept images you need, whether you need it or not, with paid or no-charge mockups that you download. If you need more examples, then continue with a subheading.


  • Mockup Examples
  • We will give examples of Mockup below but if we need to throw it with a simple logic; Think you’re a private T-shirt seller. Designing and modeling for each t-shirt from scratch is likely to cost you hours. However, when you make a prepared model Mockup, you can only change the content of the specified parts.


  • In this way, you will be free from modeling t-shirts every once in a while and you can change the contents of t-shirts for a few minutes and prepare them for presentation. If you need more examples of mockup, you can examine the following 3 mockup examples;


  • The Billboard you see below is actually a Mockup template, using this template we can place another image of the appropriate size into the Billboard. So it may be a much more elegant visual for a presentation than a plain one.
  • Mockup


  • Another example of this is the mockup field, the display section of the iMac. For example; You have designed a new website or software. It will be possible to extract higher quality presentation workings by means of such a mockup instead of closing the screen with a dry visual one. If you examine the picture a little bit, you can easily understand that it is a mockup.
  • Mockup







  • This Mockup image has a model that we can edit more than once. The computer screen, the notepad and all of the business cards are actually mockups. So, it is possible that we can change the content of these models to another visual that we want.
  • Mockup



  • As you can see, Mockups are the shortest templates you can use to make presentation graphics much more appealing and not available for quality graphics.


  • How to Use Mockup
  • Mockups are usually designed for Adobe Photoshop, the graphic software of choice for graphics, and these drafts have a .PSD extension. When you open a Mockup in this way, the steps you need to take to regulate it may be different in each case. Mostly the system called Smart Object is used. In such mockups;
  • Find the layer you want to change between the layers of the Mockup file.
  • Double-clicking will open the layer as a separate tab. Now place the image you want to use and resize it accordingly.
  • Record your transaction with the help of the menu or by following the shortcut key CTRL + S on your keyboard.
  • When you close the tab, you’ll see that your image has been mockuped.
  • Do not forget to apply these steps to all editable layers of mockup.
  • When your editing is all over, you can export the image using “Save for Web” or other recording methods.


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