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  • What does microsoft office mean?
  • Microsoft Office is a suite of office programs originally published by Microsoft in 1989 for both Windows and MacOS X operating systems. In fact, Microsoft Office software package is the most important cause of birth of office programs. Microsoft Office is a paid software that collects all the software an office needs in the office, and it is also called MS Office in the business world.
  • As computers began to be at the center of our lives, we began to meet our needs in digital media. From this point of view, every computer user has become an inevitable need to know and actively use MS Office. It will be a big plus for you to be able to actively use MS Office for many reasons such as searching for MS Office information in business applications, active use of MS Office in education, and your personal life needs.


  • MS Office Program Names
  • What is mixed with MS Office users is what software is included in the MS Office software package and which one of these software works. The following explanations will greatly help you in closing this shortcoming;






  • Word: Word processing software in every version of MS Office package. Using Word, you can create professional documents that you can add graphics and tables inside and you can convert these documents into physical output with the aid of a scanner.
  • Excel: You can create various charts, spreadsheets, and spreadsheets with Excel, which is MS Office’s table processor program. The most important feature of Excel differs from Word is the formulas in Excel. With these formulas, you can prepare reports that are fully functional.
  • Outlook: It is an e-mail assistant located in MS Office. With this software you can open your mail account session, send e-mail and read your e-mails. You can do everything about your mails, just as you would in web versions of Outlook.
  • PowerPoint: PowerPoint, one of the most used MS Office softwares from the business world to the educational world, helps you create various slide shows and slide shows. You can also create professional presentations with PowerPoint, where you can add photos and videos.
  • Access: Database management system program. MS Access Jet database engine and graphical user interface into the same software package.
  • FrontPage: Web site editing assistant and HTML editor. It is no longer included in new Office packages.
  • OneNote: It is a kind of digital notebook software where users can take notes by taking pictures and many other visuals.
  • Publisher: is a publisher program that helps you create many things, such as newsletters, flyers, and brochures. Especially in the field of marketing is often used with the Publisher is able to create high-visibility communication lectures.


  • Learn MS Office Programs
  • The most practical way to learn MS Office programs is to join the course through an organization that provides training on these software packages and learn all the fine features of these software. It would be a much more sensible option for those who will be using MS Office software in the professional business world to take their training professionally instead of trying to self-discover such programs. No matter how much you try to learn your own function, it is unlikely that you will be able to use these software actively in the business world if you do not see the functions together with their practices.
  • If you do not have the intention of using it as a professional in the business world, you can turn it into a skilled user of MS Office by taking advantage of online training seminars or printed resources. Because it is important in the business world, there are different printed sources from many publications about MS Office. By evaluating these, you can start using MS Office as your own teacher.
Microsoft Office
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