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Microsoft Excel

  • What does microsoft excel mean?
  • Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program for both Windows and MacOS X platforms created by Microsoft to create spreadsheets. Through Excel, computer users can use a variety of formulas through a spreadsheet system; Organize, format, calculate and report functions.
  • Excel is a member of the Microsoft Office software package offered by Microsoft for office users and is compatible with other MS Office programs. When using Excel, users use rows of cells and columns instead of a blank page. With this cell and column rows, you can prepare the reports you want using formulas without needing a separate program for each calculation.


  • Microsoft Excel
  • Excel, or Microsoft Excel in its full name, is an office program provided in the Microsoft Office software package. It works in concert with other office programs and has the essential features that all other spreadsheet software has. Excel is known as Odyssey for the first time with the code name, then exited with the name of Excel.


  • Programs created and saved in the Excel program have the .xls or .xlsx file extension. In Excel, cell-based calculations, axis-based tables and various graphical tools are used. Once you learn to use Microsoft Excel at the basic level, which gives you what you need to prepare your report or document as a spreadsheet, all you need to do is turn up a bit of imagination.


  • Unlike Microsoft Word, Excel uses cell and column structure as we have already said. The Excel program published in 2003 and earlier has the capacity to work with 65,536 rows and 256 columns. In the 2007 and later versions of Excel, 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns are available.


  • Each line and column you create in the Excel program can be formatted in different ways. For example; There are many more editing and customization methods you can use in Excel such as background color, number or date format, size, text, font, column format.






  • Where is Excel used?
  • If you create a document that you want to create on your computer in a flat file, creating it with electronic spreadsheets can sometimes offer great advantages. For example, using Excel, you can easily create many other report files such as your monthly income, work or private spending, polling and watch list.


  • Although it can be used in many places in private life, Excel is mostly preferred by computer users working in the business world. Creating a table by hand and formatting this table is definitely a more efficient way of getting the desired table into the form and reaching it with various formulas.


  • For example, when you prepare a table of business expenditures, you can access MS Excel by applying a very simple formula to the sum of these expenditures. You can sort through the simple formulas without having to look up which one has the highest total expenditure. The systematic nature of Excel helps us to make things both easier and more precise as we can see from this example.


  • Considering the fact that business people in particular need to prepare a lot of reports, the fact that an employee can use MS Excel in the advanced level can be regarded as an important screening criterion even among the recruitment criteria.
Microsoft Excel
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