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Management Concept

  • What is Management Concept?
  • Management has drawn attention to history and has been the subject of debate in terms of concept, thought and practice. Throughout history has gained different meanings. It is still important today and is being discussed in different disciplines.


  • Management has historically been valid for families primarily. Because co-living conditions require co-operation, acting under parental authority. The tribes brought by the families close to each other also became the issue of governance. Here there is army management for the security of ties. Lastly, the states have become new areas of management.


  • The concept of management is defined differently from the viewpoints of different sciences. According to sociologists, it is the class and status system. Because it comes from the elite people who give informal information. In modern societies, relationship complexity requires superior intelligence and higher education for managers. Being a manager is very much based on learning and knowledge.


  • According to political scientists, state administration and power organization. In this sense, the administration creates all kinds of legal organizations and a single sovereign organization. Every activity of the state is a management issue. Such as commanding, dominating, gaining authority …


  • According to economists, nature is the factors of production together with labor and capital. In the industrialized country, along with capital and labor, management is also necessary. Business management generally affects business productivity and profitability.


  • Management according to management and organization thinkers; To reach the goal through others and to fulfill the job. Whatever the purpose of the management is, it is a group work. Here is the ruler-directed relationship. Management, on the one hand, is the period in which it is necessary to determine what needs to be done and to make the best of it through others, while continuing the group’s activities on the basis of common goals. It is accepted as a community of management, cooperation and activity.


  • Governance; Efforts to ensure cooperation and coordination for the realization of effective and efficient purposes are the whole.
  • Governance; The organization is a process that provides the best and coordinated human and physical resources to reach the goal, balancing with the environment.






  • Management is focused on three points. The common purpose is cooperation for human group and common purpose.


  • Management is, in general, the period in which people who come together in specific co-operation and relationship are going to do what they will do to achieve a common goal.


  • With the emergence of enterprises, the concept of “business management” has emerged. Businesses have emerged with the industry revolution. Before the industrial revolution, everyone is producing for themselves, working to maintain life. Small production units sufficed.


  • Following the industrial revolution, production has been mechanized. With the help of developing technologies, many workers are employed and all the mass production factories are produced. Now businesses have become the most important institution of the society.


  • Business management examines the ways in which businesses can work well and organize and work to make successful production. While businesses are always small, they are easy to manage and do not require much business information. Knowing the production technique, successful production is enough.


  • Businesses have grown and become more complicated, starting to produce pajamas requires modern business management.


  • As a result, management group activity and social performance. It applies to every organization.
Management Concept
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