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  • What does mailto (mail link) mean?
  • Mailto (Mail Link) is a link type created to allow internet users to send you mail easily with the help of HTML tags. Thanks to the mailto computer users click on the link anda default e-mail software installed on their computers, the link becomes ready to write e-mail to the given e-mail address. This way users do not have to copy your e-mail address and it makes it practical to communicate by preventing mail from reaching the wrong mails.


  • Mailto Link
  • You need to use the A HREF HTML tag for mailto use. By using this link format, you can present the values ​​of the receiver CC and BCC for electronic mail in an automated way without the user having to enter it. In this way, you can use links to websites and blogs to make it easier for users to reach you.
  • To create a mailto link, you can use the examples in the following headings or you can create your own mailto link by editing it as you like.


  • How to Use Mailto
  • Mailto links are used by direct users to click on these links to make their default mail client open and ready to send mail. If you configure the mailto link in a detailed and elaborate way, those who will use this link will be able to easily send you electronic mailings and save you the trouble of completing the fields to be filled in when sending e-mail.






  • Creating a Lean Mailto link;
  • <A HREF=”mailto:mailadress@mailservice.com”> Click to send us an email </A>


  • Making the subject of Mailto Links;
  • <A HREF=”mailto:mailadress@mailservice.com?subject=Scope Subject”> Example Click here to send us an email about the topic </A>
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