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  • What does mailbot mean?
  • Mailbot is a bot mail account used by e-mail service providers to notify users of extreme situations. Priority is only used by Yahoo, the most widely used email service provider, and later by all email service providers.


  • The mailbot only tries to reach the user with automatic messages when it is really necessary to intervene. You wanted to send an e-mail but you could not send an e-mail due to a problem on the server. In this case, mailbot will send you a report mail and notify you that your e-mail can not be delivered and give you a notification service.
  • There are many reasons why the mailbot does not send you an automatic e-mail;
  • The email address you want to send is invalid or incorrect
  • The message you sent was not delivered due to server-related issues
  • Mail server can not be sent as a result of delay


  • Each service now uses a different email address to identify the mailbot. Nevertheless, the fact that internet users do not have enough information on this issue can sometimes cause e-mail fraud to arise.






  • Some internet hackers can plan to send you a crack or send a link to a web page outside your email provider by sending a copy of the email from accounts that mimic email service providers mailbot messages.


  • In such cases, mail providers may not necessarily choose to use mailbot services to contact you directly, and mailbots can help prevent your fraud and account security from being compromised, knowing that programs are controlled by automated software.


  • Mailbot accounts are only accounts used to provide notification service for users. Through these accounts, no email provider will ask you to contact you directly or to take any action from you.
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