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Mail Server

  • What does mail server mean?
  • Mail Server is a remote or central server that keeps all electronic mail for users on a network. We can resemble Mail Server just like a physical mail. In this virtual mailing post, the same hides are kept until the last post of the person. Mail Server also helps users to easily access their own mail via a database by communicating with the e-mail software used by the users.


  • The Mail Server is examined under two different categories. These; Sending servers and receiving servers. The most well known e-mail servers are SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) servers.


  • As the receiving server, POP3 or Post Office Protocol 3 or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) servers are used. IMAP or POP3 server protocols have the ability to always keep a copy of messages on the server.


  • SMTP Server
  • SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an internet standard that helps send e-mails using port 25 output. With the help of this server, electronic mail is delivered to the target address by following a similar step like normal letters;
  • The e-mail program you want to send your e-mail to and prepare your message is connected to the SMTP server.
  • The SMTP server communicates with your mail client software to retrieve your e-mail address, mail address, mail message, and attachment files.
  • After processing this information, the SMTP server will start to send the mail with the help of POP3 or IMAP server, even if it has a different domain name (like Gmail to Gmail) if the mail address has the same domain name.
  • The DNS data is converted to an IP address after connection with the opposite user’s SMTP server and with DNS
  • At the last stage, it is ensured that the server is transmitted to the server and the electronic mail is transmitted to the target server.
  • The most interesting part of the job is that almost all of these operations take place as close as an eye opening and closing time.






  • Mail Server Setup
  • When you buy a hosting or hosting service, the mail server is ready for you. Lakin, if you bought a server and the operating system was delivered to you before it was installed, and you do not have a cpanel-like automation system, then you need to manually handle the job.
  • To install Mail Server, you first need to have an operating system in your server. If you think this operating system is a Linux based operating system, you can start configuring your mail server if you have the necessary server administration knowledge. Auxiliary vehicle packages that you can use are as follows;


  • Postfix: Used to send and receive mail.
  • Dovecot: used for IMAP.
  • SpamAssassin: Used to keep spam mails out of the email box.
  • CalmAV: Used to keep viruses out of the mail server.
  • Roundcube: Helps reach the Maillere Web version.
  • Sieve: creates a Mail filter and rules.
  • PostgreSQL: Roundcube for database connection.
  • Nginx and PHP-FPM: Will be used to serve Roundcube over the Web.


  • Of course, ensuring the integration of all of them will be a long process and also a detailed process in terms of securing it. For example, even if the operating system you are using is Linux, you will have to follow different installation instructions for the distribution you are using. If you do not have enough server experience to configure your own server, you can ask your service provider to help you.
Mail Server
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