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Madrid Royal Palace

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  • The Royal Palace of Madrid is a very important building in Madrid, the capital of Spain, which became a full member of the European Union in 1986. In Spain, although the Royal is not removed from the center, there remains a symbolic importance for today. In Spain, where the Royal Family is highly regarded and sympathetic, a structure is specially designed for the Royal Family. According to official records, this structure is considered to be the address of residence of the Royal Family of Spain, or in other words. The Madrid Royal Palace, one of the most important works of the world, was built by Felipe VI. Here Felipe 6. built it to do the house of the Royal Family. For this purpose, King Felipe resides in the Zarzuela Palace, which is less magnificent than it is today, rather than resident in the same place as the Spanish Royal Family. The Royal Palace of Madrid, considered among the most valuable works on the territory of Spain, serves today as a museum.






  • The construction of the Royal Palace of Madrid started in the 18th century. In this period, the Spanish royal who swept the world designed it because it was the royal house. The builder is King Felix. Built in Baroque style, the Royal Palace of Madrid has been one of the most important masterpieces of its time. The Royal Palace of Madrid, which has been serving for the Royal Family for a long time, is now being used as a museum. Entrances to Madrid’s Royal Palace in Madrid, Spain, are 11 euros. Numerous local and foreign tourists are very interested in Madrid Royal Palace. The construction of the Royal Palace of Madrid started on April 7, 1735. The interior of the Royal Palace is 135 thousand square meters in size, designed by architect Filippo Juvarra. It is possible to reach the Madrid Royal Palace from almost every corner of Madrid. In this sense, Bailen Caddesi, where the Royal Palace of Madrid was located, was equipped with public transportation vehicles such as metro and buses.


  • Although the entrance is set at 11 euros, on some important days the entrances to the Royal Palace of Madrid can not be subject to any conventions. In this sense there are 3,418 rooms in the Madrid Royal Palace, which is sometimes free of charge. This, in turn, makes the palace the largest palace in Europe. This reveals that the visit to the Royal Palace of Madrid has taken quite a long time. Madrid’s Royal Palace, although used as a museum, is still in the service of the Royal Family. Lastly, it is known that the Royal Palace of Madrid hosted the wedding of Prince Felipe and his wife Letizia Ortiz on May 22, 2004.
Madrid Royal Palace
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