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  • What does macintosh mean? (Also look MacOS)
  • Macintosh, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak of Apple Inc. offered by the company is of the desktop computer models. Macintosh The first time the scene was released on January 24, 1984, the first model was named Mac 128k. Making a Macintosh is very important for the computer world. Because Apple-manufactured Macintosh computers were one of the first computer models to have a user-defined graphical interface (GUI) design. To use the Macintosh, users had both a graphical interface design and a keyboard and mouse dual. So, if we were to compare that day to IBM computers using MS-DOS operating system, the Macintosh was a computer model that had much more advantages for both personal and commercial users.


  • Macintosh Laptop
  • The Macintosh is essentially the name of the desktop computers. Because of this, Apple has changed the name of its notebook line to MacBook in order to prevent product clutter while producing laptop computers. If it’s the first time MacBooks go out on stage, it’s 2006. MacBooks have been separated under different series on that day, but still continue to be produced as a laptop computer with the MacBook main product name. MacBook types can also be learned from the following three different titles;


  • MacBook
  • It was produced between 2014 and 2015 with the main product of the series, MacBook 2011, and is divided into two different names, “New MacBook” and “MacBook Retina“. MacBook computers that emerge after 2015 contain significant innovations when compared to earlier production computers.






  • MacBook Pro
  • Alternatively, the MacBook Pro, also referred to as the MBP, is a MacBook with a slightly thinner, bigger screen than the MacBook. MacBook Pro models have powerful internal hardware features. MacBook Pro is ideal for users who want to meet high performance expectations, especially for heavy processing such as video editing and graphics.


  • MacBook Air
  • The MacBook Air is a MacBook model that is lower in price than both models in terms of both material and hardware features, compared to the other two models. While the other two models feature Retina display technology, MacBook Air does not have Retina display technology.


  • Macintosh Programs
  • Macintosh programs, or MacOS programs, are software that can be run locally on a Mac computer family produced by Apple and Mac OS operating system. Since the Mac OS is at least as large as Windows users and even Linux users, it is possible to find all kinds of software on the Macintosh as compared to other platforms.
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