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  • What is Lutheran and Lutheranism? Facts and information about Lutheranism:
  • Lutheranism is a Christian denomination based on the teachings of the German theologian Martin Luther, a former Augustinian monk. Lutheranism emerged at the beginning of the Protestant Reform Movement.


  • Lutheranism was found in Europe, especially in Germany, especially in Northern Europe and Scandinavian countries.


  • Unlike the Calvinist Reform Churches, they have paintings and sculptures in their churches, but forbade practices in the Bible with other Protestant churches, such as praying to the saints and Mother Mary.






  • Lutheran Churches are in dialogue with Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox churches, along with other Protestant sects and Churches, in the framework of their support for ecumenical relations and Christian unity.


  • Lutheran Churches are independent in their internal affairs, but almost all congregations are members of the Federation of World Lutheran Churches in Geneva, Switzerland, and the World Council of Churches.
  • The symbol of Lutheranism is the Cross placed in the rose. (eg. bottom image)
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