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  • What does linux mean?
  • Linux is a free operating system kernel that is free, open source, and completely free, as opposed to Unix. The source code for the kernel of Linux has a legal structure that can be freely distributed, modified and used under the GNU license. Linux is not essentially a stand-alone operating system, it’s only the operating system’s kernel. There are many different Linux distributions developed by the foundations and developed by free teams, almost free of charge, for the operating system.


  • Nowadays, these popular distributions can be installed in many TVs, tablets, mobile devices and computers and you can start using them completely free of charge. Linux is used not only for computers, but also for different distributions within servers, which are the main brains of the internet world. Linux is a network operating system that has a high performance and a high performance that is preferable to many other distributions.






  • Linux Installation
  • To be able to log in to the completely free and free world of Linux, you first have to choose a Linux distribution that fully meets your system requirements and can easily work within your computer. Today, the most popular Linux distribution is known as Ubuntu, while the Linux-based operating system being developed by the country’s institute is located in Pardus. Once you have decided on the best Linux distribution for you, download this operating system’s ISO mold and bootable with a CD / DVD or USB.


  • After printing, you can start Linux installation by logging into your computer’s Boot menu. Although Linux seems to be overly complicated to Windows or MacOS you are used to using for years, it is the operating system cores that you can use in a short time. Even if you do not want Dual OS, you can use both a Linux-based operating system and Windows within a computer.
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