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Linux Server

  • What does Linux Server mean?
  • Linux Server (Linux Web Server) is a web server based on open source Linux operating systems and capable of hosting different software component packages. Linux Servers are used for business, system, network management, web services and database management.
  • In the Internet world, the most preferred web servers are web servers that use the Linux base. The reason for this is that Linux operating systems are both more secure and sustainable than other systems, and are flexible customization options for users. Linux Server operating system is the most preferred operating systems; CentOS, Ubuntu Server, Gentoo, Debian and Slackware.
  • Another reason Linux is widely accepted in internet servers is that Linux operating systems do not need any graphical user interface (GUI) to work. With remote administration, it is also easy to use an operating system with a Linux base using only command lines. The fact that there is no extra GUI on the system means that the system works with maximum performance.






  • Linux Server Advantages
  • Stability: Linux servers do not need a regular restart or lookup. The system can run until it is shut down automatically or when a hardware fault occurs and updates can be made during operation.
  • Productivity: Linux operating systems can run at peak performance on networks and servers. The Linux architecture, which can house and control too many users, also offers satisfactory management performance in terms of parallel connections.
  • Security: Linux operating systems have the highest security measures required by the architecture. Effective firewalls and file permissions help the system to make the server and server data more secure.
  • Network: It has exceptional internet and network management features, and these features can be used in conjunction with various web applications.
  • Flexibility: Because it is open source, the source code is ready to be reviewed and changed by all users. Users can customize their systems by making changes to the source code as they wish.
  • Technical Support: Linux is the shining star of the internet server world. If you think that at least 7 out of every 10 web servers are Linux-based, you can find answers to every problem you might encounter with solution documentation or large volunteer communities.
  • Versatility: Linux can run many programs at the same time and keep processes running smoothly.
  • Free: Most of the Linux operating systems used for internet servers, especially the Linux distributions we have given above, are free.
Linux Server
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