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  • What does lightbox mean?
  • Lightbox is a JavaScript library that helps you show pictures and videos on your internet sites as a focal point on a separate screen, without distracting the user. The lightbox was first written by Lokesh Dhakar with riphath.
  • The original Lightbox was made up of two different libraries called Prototype Javascript Framework and Script.aculo.us, but the plugin compiled in April of 2012 was configured with jQuery to make it easier for all users to use it.
  • Developers can now easily customize Lightbox by configuring it in the form of Colorbox, Magnific Popup, Slimbox or Thickbox, which has become indispensable for internet pages in a fast and pleasant way over the years.


  • How to make a lightbox?
  • For lightbox construction, developers now prefer jQuery, a more practical solution, rather than opting for JavaScript directly. Thanks to the different jQuery libraries that can be used, Lightbox menus can be easily created. Unfortunately, the lean codes we will offer you here will not work for you to bring lightboxes to the square.
  • To create a Lightbox you need to know JavaScript in basic level and master jQuery. If you are using a system such as WordPress, you can start using Lightbox on your site directly with the help of plugins, without having to write code in a single line.






  • Lightbox jQuery
  • Although Lightbox was originally built with JavaScript, it is later configured with jQuery so that it can be easily edited by developers and developers on the Internet. Almost all of the Lightbox features we have seen on internet today are configured with jQuery.
  • Even if a very small audience is still opting for JavaScript for Lightbox, jQuery, JavaScript libraries are generally preferred for Lightbox configurations because of their ease of development and availability and compatibility.
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