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  • What is LAN? Local Area Connection and Local Area Connection Icon
  • Local Area Network (LAN) is the preferred connection type for establishing a network connection between physically close computers. With the built-in LAN connection, computers can share information resources and data with nearby computers connected to the network. Many home users or businesses use a LAN-based connection model, which is both easy to set up and maintenance free. Other computers can easily connect to this network and exchange data.


  • There are many reasons why you might want to have a LAN connection. Examples such as creating a shared file environment, transferring data easily between nearby computers, outputting easily in print, installing the same game online with other players on the LAN network are the most important reasons for having a LAN connection.


  • Local area network
  • Mostly used like Local Area Connection (Local Area Network). With Local Area Connection, computers that have physical proximity to each other are combined on a network to perform data transfer. The Local Area Connection can be established via CAT-5 like cable and modem, or it can be installed with the help of a wireless broadcasting modem.


  • The Local Area Connection Icon Does Not Appear
  • The Local Area Connection Icon is the connection icon in the section of the Windows operating system that is called the taskbar. By following the Local Area Connection icon, the computer user can be aware of the status of their connection. For example, if a symbol with a black exclamation mark appears on a yellow sheet on this computer monitor, then a temporary or permanent problem has occurred in your connection.


  • Local Network Connection Icon through different icons; you can provide information such as faults in your connection, whether it is disabled or not. If the Local Area Connection icon has disappeared from your computer’s taskbar;






  • Your computer may be disconnected from the LAN (Local Area Connection). Make sure that the network is active and that the connection cable you are using is connected to your computer.


  • Make sure that the wireless connection is not disabled by entering the network settings.


  • If it appears to be disabled, enable the connection.
  • If the Local Area Connection Icon does not appear at all, your computer’s network hardware driver may have been removed from your computer. Use the Hardware Wizard to check if the network driver is installed on your computer.


  • If you can not use the network service on your computer even though the software is installed, the network hardware of your computer may be malfunctioning. In this case, you can check if you have hardware information. If you do not have hardware information, you can take your computer to the service so that you can identify the problem.
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