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  • What is Json? Opening Json files and learning Json
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a text format that can be used with all programming languages ​​and is preferred as an alternative to XML, facilitating data transmission. In JSON, data is handled in small size while data is being transmitted. This feature makes it possible to develop faster web applications using JSON.


  • JSON; The arc has convenient use for many contexts and applications with brackets, square brackets, two-point and comma typing. As defined in the third edition of the ECMAScript Language Specification, JSON is inspired by object constants in JavaScript. Although it uses JavaScript as a source of inspiration, it works independently of JSON programming languages. In terms of its structure, JSON is similar to DOM and XML, and it uses an entirely unique structure.


  • To mention the data types that JSON uses, there are 6 different types of data in JSON. We can list them as follows;
  • Number
  • String
  • Boolean
  • Array
  • Object
  • Null


  • Opening JSON Files
  • JSON files contain simple data structures and objects. The data contained in these types of files are in the form of a standard data file and are light, text-based and human readable. Although JSON files are originally based on JavaScript, they can be run and format independently of programming languages. Often these files are used with APIs while applications are being prepared by web developers.
  • Although most web software uses JSON files, these files do not always have to be “.json” extensions. However, some web writers can also be saved using this file suffix. JSON is usually used in AJAX web software, but you can still see the JSON file being used when you save your bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Because it is easily readable by people and is text-based, you can open, examine, and edit JSON files using any of the sample software below;






  • To Open JSON Files on Mac Platform;
  • Apple TextEdit
  • Bare Bones TextWrangler
  • MacVim
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Other Text Editors


  • To Open JSON Files on Windows Platform;
  • File Viewer Plus
  • Altova XMLSpy
  • Microsoft Notepad
  • Microsoft WordPad
  • Notepad ++
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Other Text Editors


  • To Open JSON Files on Linux Platform;
  • Vim
  • Pico
  • GNU Emacs
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Other Text Editors


  • Learning JSON
  • You do not have to know JavaScript to learn JSON, but to use JSON in your projects, you have to be familiar with both XML-like constructs and AJAX. Since JSON does not contain much data formatting, it is a text structure that you can easily use after you know these details. To learn about JSON, you can visit the official site for JSON directly. You can quickly understand how you can shape JSON with the help of the official site that offers Turkish language support. You can click here to access the official site.
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