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ISP (Internet Service Provider)

  • What is ISP? ISP Firms and How do you find the ISP?
  • ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a generic name given to companies that provide Internet access for personal users or businesses for any fee. ISP users allocate a telephone line at a fixed monthly fee to provide access to the Internet with user name and password. Almost all of today’s ISP companies are now offering internet with ADSL, but Internet connection can also be offered via a dial-up line of ISP’s service quality.


  • ISP Companies
  • VMedia, WRS Web Solutions, Internet Lightspeed, Shaw, Comcast, AT & T, Time Warner Cable, CenturyLink, Charter, Verizon, Cox, Optimum, VTR Globalcom, Claro Americas, Frontier, Suddenlink, EarthLink, Windstream, Telenet, KATV1, Elion, Welho, Speedy, Fastweb, TEAM, Akado, Virgin Media, BigPond, Biznet, Maxis, STC, Cable One, NetZer,  Juno, AOL, MSN, Mediacom, Basic ISP, ISP.com, Avea, TTNET, Turkcell, Vodafone, Telecable de Tricom, Aster, FLOW Jamaica, Megacable, Movistar






  • How do you find the ISP
  • However, if you want to know, the simplest way you can choose is to check the connection information after logging into the modem interface. You can understand clearly which ISP you are using with the information in the link information.
ISP (Internet Service Provider)
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