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ISO image

  • What is ISO image? Making an ISO File
  • ISO is the file extension of all the files inside a CD or DVD. An ISO image is an archive file of an optical disc, a type of disk image composed of the data contents from every written sector on an optical disc, including the optical disc file system. All of the files contained in any CD or DVD file are easily handled. It can also be used to convert it to ISO file and transfer it to other media. Each CD and DVD file can easily be imported into a different ISO file. The most common example used to describe the ISO file is the box example. ISO files are just like a box. This box contains all files contained on a CD or DVD. After you get the ISO file ie the box, you can open it directly and use it if you want it. You can also transfer this box to a different box.


  • Making an ISO File
  • To create ISO media for any media drive, you will often need to use software that does not normally exist in the operating system. There are a number of free programs you can use to import an ISO file of a CD / DVD or USB. You can import an ISO template file using the program which has many free licenses, firstly AnytolSo, Free ISO Creator and Deamon Tools.


  • If you have an ISO template file in your hand, you can open it directly in your computer as well as insert it into a CD / DVD and USB. While you can use CD burning software such as Nero Burning ROM to burn an ISO file onto a CD or DVD, you can use Rufus, a free and small software for USBs.






  • Filename extension: .iso, .img
  • Internet media type: application / x-iso9660-image
  • Uniform Type Identifier (UTI): public.iso-image
  • Type of format: Disk image
  • Standard: ISO 9660, UDF


ISO image
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