• What does individual mean?
  • An individual is a term usually used to describe a single person in daily conversation.
  • In different areas, the word of the individual is used to define any single value, object, or definition that is unique to a person.
  • The only being that can not be divided without losing its own qualities is the individual;
  • Each one of the only entities that form species in the knowledge of nature;
  • Logic – The concrete entity that falls within a scope;
  • Psychology – The only person who constitutes human societies and who has similar characteristics of human beings and has its own distinctive features.
  • Sociology – Individuals who constitute societies and whose intellectual, emotional and will-related qualities are determined within the society are individuals.






  • Individualism has become an important term not only with the many definitions that have been uploaded but also with the different interpretations made in the ideological plan. Especially since the 19th century, philosophical, economic and ideological doctrines have occupied a very important place, has become the center of some ideologies from time to time.
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