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  • What does hyperlink mean?
  • Hyperlink is a link to a word, sentence or visual file that links you to a new document or a different part of the document. Hyperlinks or short links are in the whole internet world and 99% likely to be at least one in every internet page. With hyperlinks, internet users can effortlessly switch between pages or sections of pages.


  • Hyperlinks have different color options and text formatting to distinguish them from text. Links are usually formatted as blue and underlined because of their relevance and customization in terms of Web standards. However, the linker can also apply different text formatting to the link, giving the linker a color that matches its color scheme as desired.


  • When you click on a web element that has a Hyperlink link, this link will redirect you to a different target URL. Links to Hyperlink can sometimes be a page of another web site or a document or data file.


  • To know if an element has a hyperlink connection, you just need to keep the mouse pointer over the element. If the arrow mark disappears when you place it on the pointer element, and the pointer finger appears instead, then that web element has a Hyperlink.


  • It can be opened to new tablets according to the feature added by the Hyperlinks creator, or it can direct you to the target tab via the current tab. If you click the CTRL (CMD for Mac) key on your keyboard before clicking on a hyperlink, you can open the link in the new page even if the page is not opened on the new page.






  • Add Hyperlink
  • The shape of the Hyperlink will vary depending on where you use it. For example, if the software you are using supports the Hyperlink feature, it will provide you with a visual user interface where you can do hyperlinks with different names like links, links, hyperlinks. With this interface options you can define Hyperlink to any object you want.


  • In programming languages, Hyperlinks are created using HTML code and the HREF tag. The code generated in this way looks like it is in the following example HTML link code;


  • <a href=”https://www.whatisthewik.com”> Click for What is the Wik website </a>
  • Hyperlinks do not always have to be associated with a word, sentence or file. A stand-alone URL also has the ability to automatically convert many software to Hyperlink.


  • How to Use Hyperlink
  • We use Hyperlinks to switch to different internet pages or different addresses. We use the Href tag in HTML to create Hyperlink links. We can add many additional tags to the HTML tag we use as A Href, and we can make the link richer.
  • We have already summarized how you can create a Hyperlink in a header. You can also create hyperlinks on many systems via visual interfaces. For example, after you have selected the word or phrase you want while adding a page or text in WordPress, you can define the desired Hyperlink to this element by clicking on the “Add Link” button.
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