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HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

  • What is the HTML? Sample HTML Codes for websites, HTML Usage, HTML Versions
  • HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is a scripting language that can be used to create pages that can be published on the web. Files created with HTML are stored with * .html or * .htm extensions.
  • HTML is a popular coding language that has evolved since 1991 and spreads over time. But it is not possible to define it as a programming language. Because a self-running program can not be written in HTML.


  • HTML has been standardized by the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3). It consists of tags called tags. The basic tags used in an HTML file are below.
  • Tag indicates that our file is an HTML page.
  • Tag contains the tags that contain information about our page.
  • The tag contains the parts of our page that we want users to see.
  • We will determine the title of our tag page.






  • Sample HTML Code

<Title> HTML Code example </ title>
</ Head>
Hello world i’m wik …
</ Body>
</ Html>

  • HTML Usage
  • Since it is not an HTML programming language, it does not need a compiler.
  • Labels can be written at the bottom or side by side.
  • Every tag that is opened must be closed. (The “/” sign indicates that the tag is closed. Example: if start with <example> need to close </ example> example: <example> html codes here </ example> )
  • Labels can be written in lowercase or uppercase letters.


  • What are HTML Versions?
  • HTML (1991)
  • HTML + (1993)
  • HTML 2.0 (1995)
  • HTML 3.2 (1997)
  • HTML 4.0.1 (1999)
  • XHTML 1.0 (2000)
  • HTML5 (2012)
  • XHTML5 (2013)
HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)
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