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Hotspot Shield

  • What is Hotspot Shield? How to Use Hotspot Shield
  • Hotspot Shield is a free VPN software that can be used on many platforms including mobile operating systems including Windows and Mac. By using Hotspot Shield, you can protect your data, access internet sites that are prohibited in your country, and discover the web world in an incomprehensible way. Hotspot Shield, along with all of these features, makes your connections more secure by encrypting your connections with VPN connectivity and eliminating Internet hackers who are trying to track your online activity.


  • How to Use Hotspot Shield
  • To download the installation file of Hotspot Shield, you can visit the official website http://www.hotspotshield.com/. After logging into the site, you can download the installation file by clicking on the “Free Download” button.


  • One of the first screens that will come up when you run the setup file is to make Bing the default search engine and set MSN as the main home page. You do not have to remove the tics on this screen, you can switch to the next step and complete the simple setup by pressing the “No, Thanks” button on the right.






  • Once the installation is complete, you will be able to access the Hotspot Shield from the Start menu. In addition, the icon of the Hotspot Shield will always stop among other icons next to the clock indicator.


  • When you use the free version of HotspotShield, you will encounter advertisements and a heavy link. To get rid of them and use HotspotShield as a more active VPN, you need to purchase Hotspot Shield Elite. However, if you are not going to use an active VPN, a free version of Hotspot Shield will suffice for you.


  • After logging in to the Hotspot Shield, we can start using our VPN connection by activating it via “Connect” ie the green button. Likewise, it is possible that we can disable the Hotspot Shield by pressing the redDisconnect” button.
Hotspot Shield
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