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  • What is HideMyAss? How to Use HideMyAss
  • HideMyAss is a special web site that develops VPN software that will serve as a proxy site for a higher level experience with later users who serve as a proxy site. HideMyAss now only supports its users with paid VPN software and is helping to enjoy the surfing pleasure in online privacy and security over the internet.


  • How to Use HideMyAss
  • To use the HideMyAss program, you need to register at www.hidemyass.com website by clicking “Join Now” in the first step. You must purchase any usage licenses for HideMyAss, whichever completes the registration phase. HideMyAss offers license keys for different fees, including monthly, 6 month and yearly. Unfortunately, it is not possible to use HideMyAss without purchasing any of these license keys.


  • Once you have purchased your license key, you can download the ProVPN version of your computer from the HideMyAss website’s Download menu. You will encounter a simple setup menu after the download. During the installation, you can simply click “Next” to complete the installation without any problems.
  • If you have completed the installation of HideMyAss, we can start using it now. Before you start using the program, you must absolutely right-click on the icon of the program and click “Run as Administrator” button to run it with the top level authority. Otherwise, you may experience problems such as VPN problem and program not working properly.






  • Once HideMyAss is completely unlocked, you should log in to the “Dashboard” tab and fill in the “Username” and “Passwords” sections in the middle. If you do not want to enter your account information at a time, do not forget to check the “Remember my username and passwords” option under this section after filling in your details.
  • HideMyAss offers two different protocol options to its users during the connection phase:
  • OpenVPN; It is a much more secure protocol option.
  • PPTP; This option is a faster option than OpenVPN.


  • From the “Protocol” tab, select from the protocols described briefly above if you want to use it. Then select it from the “Quick VPN Location Change” option next to this tab if you want to appear from which country you are logged in. Choosing the regions closest to your physically located location will help you to have a higher speed connection.
  • After doing all these simple adjustments, you press “Connect to VPN” button. Now your HideMyAss will start to make your connection over VPN. When we want to turn off VPN, we can turn HideMyAss on again and click “Disconnect” to switch back to normal.
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