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  • Now how long have been humankind live? Average human age lifetime is 70? 80?..
  • Well, how many people live full healthy all of his/her lifetime. Hmm.. For just a moment think geneticers or other medicine fields get solved humans all healty problem.
  • Think about a close friend who was sick or etc. now imagine he/she has been healed, what a wonderful sound yeah 🙂 So health topic is so important like that, if you’re not healty now (mean u almost die and dying) but have 1billion dollars, thats too bad right 🙂 That’s as movie.
  • Whatever Egyptian civilization, Ancient China, Ancient Indian culture, Ancient Greeks was try healed humanity. Science, technology and Health methods have been still developing. Btw researcher Wik owl loves to learn anything about health topic, he will be pleasured. Finally wik will share to you what he learns about health.


Health article list

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