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  • Havana is the most important and most popular city of Cuba, the world famous banned country located in Central America. At the same time, it is the capital city of Havana city. Not only does Havana have a limited reputation for Cuba, it also has a worldwide reputation. The most important reason for this has been the political crises between Cuba and the United States. Cuba, which demands a visa from almost all countries that do not think like it, is in this sense almost a hidden genre. But in recent years relations between the United States and Cuba have begun to soften. This has greatly increased the number of tourists in the region. So much so that some American airlines began to organize scheduled flights to Havana. However, although the relations are improved, the visa application still continues. Located in one of the most prominent cities of the Caribbean, Havana is considered the most popular city in the region. In addition, Havana is among the four most populous cities in the region. Havana, one of the port cities of Cuba, which is an island state, has three important ports. These are Marimala, Guanabacoa and Atares.






  • Havana, which is also very close to the southernmost Florida state of the United States, is a few hours away from Miami and Key West, one of the leading settlements in the region. Havana, located in the north west of Cuba, is the most important and most developed city in the country. Havana, which has 15 counties, is considered one of the most important places where Europeans first settled in the 16th century. Prior to this date, locals living in the region are experiencing serious problems when the Europeans come. When the official records were examined, Havana, where the Europeans were settled in 1515, became a city after about 75 years. Havana, built at sea level, has an average height of 60m. Today, we can say that the majority of the people living in the region are indigenous people. Recent statistics show that 2.2 million people live in the region.


  • Havana was first discovered in 1515 by the Spanish. The Spaniards have spread throughout the region and have also made it their native tongue in the region. In the 1900s, there was a rift between America and Cuba in the region. Cuba has terminated the mutual relationship by arguing that the United States is involved in its own internal affairs. However, in recent years there have been improvements in relations with the United States, which has greatly increased the number of tourists in the region. Havana also has one international airport to accommodate international passengers.
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