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  • February, 2nd month of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. It now draws 29 in years, 28 in other years.
  • Nowadays, the years can be divided by 4 with no divisions (except for the beginning of the century, which can not be divided by 400). For example, year 2008 is no longer the year, but year 2100 is no longer.
  • The names in February in the western languages ​​come from the name of the Roman Wrecking Goddess Februus. January and February were added to the Roman calendar since the winter season was considered to be virgin. This change was made by Numa Pompilius, the calendar, to bring the calendar with a standard year of the year. It was made in 700s.
  • Reasons for withdrawal of 28 and 29 days in February
  • The root of the Gregorian calendar we use today is the “Julyen” calendar, which the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar invaded Sosigenes with Egyptian astronomy knowledge. It takes 365 days a year and 6 hours a year. These rising hours are every 4 years, one day and the year is added. Thus, one year, 366 days a year in 4 years. However, since number 366 is not fully divided into 12, 31 of some months and 30 of some months are appropriate. The New Year’s Eve in the Julyen calendar is in March, and according to it, February is the last month of the year. July, known as “July“, takes the name of Julius Caesar and lasts 31 days.
  • Another Roman Emperor Augustus who lived after Caesar also gave his name a month. However, Emperor Augustus, who did not fit the majesty of August (Augustus’ s) month 30, the July 31 draw of Caesar’s name, ordered that the moon, which is mentioned in his name, lasted 31 days. On top of that, astronomers take a day of juban, the last month of the year, and add it to the month of August. Thus, the month of February 30-29 days of the cycle is determined as 29-28 days. 
  • February was the last month of the Roman calendar, beginning with March. At certain time intervals the Roman priests were setting up an add-on moon (Mercedonius) after February to align the year with the seasons.





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