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  • What does Google Play mean?
  • Google Play is a digital service delivery network developed by Google that includes the Google Play Store (Android Market) app store. Apps or content that is included in the Google Play family are all installed by default on devices with the Android operating system installed. Users can start using the products of the entire Google Play family for free after logging in to their Google account. Google Play is not just an app store, and it does not offer apps for stand-alone users. Android users with Google Play can also access digital media, music, magazines, books, movies and television programs.


  • All services on Google Play are not paid or free. All of the content in the store is priced by developers and priced at the price Google Play adds to it by adding tax and own share. All digital content that has the “free” tag is free, but these content can be presented in-house with the “Buy for app” option.


  • Google Play started its broadcast life on March 6, 2012. Today in the Google Play family; Google Play Music, Google Play Books, Google Play Newsstand, Movies & TV on Google Play, and Google Play Store.






  • Google Play Store
  • The Google Play Store is an application marketplace app that comes installed by default on Android-powered devices. The name of the application market, formerly known as Android Market, has been changed to the Google Play Store with the transition to the Google Play family name. The Google Play Store is one of the largest and most comprehensive app markets today. Android users have downloaded more than 50 billion downloads from the Google Play Store, with 2.2 billion applications in it.
  • Once you’re signed in to the Google Play Store, you can start exploring the app market by entering your username in the menu on the right-hand corner. 


  • Google Play Store APK
  • The Google Play Store app may not always be on your device. In particular, far east devices can not have the Google Play Store even if they have an Android operating system. In this case, you can install Google Play Store as your APK.
Google Play
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