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  • Geography is a scientific discipline that examines and inquires depending on the principle of causation and distribution between people and space (place) and these. Relations between space and people form the theme of geography. The word geography derives from the Greek words gaia (place) and gráphein (write, description). The first person to use the term geography 2200 years ago was Eratosthenes (BC 276-BC 194). Gregg and Leinhardt (1994) describe geography as a particularly disciplined discipline.
  • The first one is the distribution of features on the earth that gives a unique character (eg mountains, rivers, seas etc.).
  • Secondly, they know where things are and where they came from and why they came to fruition (such as volcanoes).
  • The third is the affair with the other events and the connection to it (eg rain forests).
  • Finally, geography communicates information and ideas with maps.
  • These four features interact with each other in a variety of ways. The first three of these are the underlying principles of geography. The last one is geographical research results.
  • The interaction between these different aspects of the geography makes it difficult to divide it into definite lines for identification purposes. Geographical skills, places, physical, human and environmental geography, one or two of these areas taking place at various stages of geography education; It can lead to the conclusion that the student’s understanding of the relationship between the various fields is obstructed.
  • Geography includes the development of some skills and understanding of concepts. These concepts and capabilities are related to the physical environment, the human environment and the relationship between them. Geography is a social sciences
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