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Faster than Light

  • What is Faster than Light?
  • Is there anything faster than light?
  • The light is moving at a speed of 300,000 km (three hundred thousand) at the moment. Thinking in our world, this speed seems unattainable, a tremendous speed. So much so that light travels around the world in 7 seconds in a second. We could go from Earth to Moon for a moment. But given the enormous size of the Universe, the speed of light is insufficient. If we were moving at the speed of light, we could go to the Sun in 8 minutes, or the closest galaxy Andromeda in 2 million years. Einstein’s theory of relativity? There is no higher speed than light speed. So the speed of light is the limit point. But at that time many of the information known today was unknown. For example, the universe is constantly expanding.



  • Traveling at home has been the greatest dream of mankind for hundreds of years. Is there more than the speed of light that has been the subject of many science fiction films and papers? According to scientists and experiments done today, such a thing is possible. In the ongoing CERN experiment in Switzerland, made by scientists, the particles at the atomic size collided. Important information about the formation of the universe and the speed of light was obtained. It was found that some particles passed the speed of light, if at all. Scientists repeated this 15,000 times, despite the possibility of incorrect results, and the result is the same again. Still, scientists say this may be wrong. What if it’s not wrong? Then the theory of relativity will undergo major changes even if it is not entirely clear. It will be possible for mankind to have a journey in space that has been dreaming for centuries, and it will be able to push the boundaries of humanity galaxy. There are some theories in this subject today.


  • Tachyons
  • light 2

  • One of the theories that says that high speeds are possible from light speed are Tachyon? At the core of theory is virtual numbers. According to relativity theory E = m.c2. Where E: energy, M: mass, and c: light velocity. So energy and mass vary depending on speed. But this formula is simple, the formula is the truth:
  • According to this theory, if the speed of objects is faster than the speed of light, the square root is minus. This makes the mass less valuable. Normally we can say that mass is not minus, but virtual numbers are useful in many subjects after being accepted in mathematics. This is not possible according to known physics rules, but mathematics approves it. If we act on things moving at a speed below the speed of light, we can say anti-matter to things moving at high speed from light speed. But here the boundary is the speed of light, and if the materials can not move at the speed of light, they can not move at the speed of light.






  • String Theory
  • String theory is one of the basic physics models. The theory says that everything in the world is small enough to be able to divide so-called string (minus 35 meters), resulting in vibrations at different resonances. Scientists have been studying this theory for the last 5 years ???? they say. According to the scientists, if the strings can be observed and understood, everything from the smallest kingdom to the largest can be explained in a relaxed way.



  • M-Theory
  • According to the M-theory, we can find the answers to the questions in the macro worlds in the micro realms. To illustrate with a small example, a hairy cortex appears to be one-dimensional when viewed from a distance, ie it appears to be only its length. But for an ant or a flea, there are even lengths of wire, even width. This is also the case at atomic size. If we can not examine the strings we can observe, we can get a lot of new information about the secrets of the universe and open doors to different dimensions.
Faster than Light
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